Flagstone is large, flat sandstone that is great for creating patios and walkways. These unique stones can create a beautiful visual contrast from the soil and floral elements of your patio garden. ENL Masonry can design and install a flagstone patio or flagstone walkway that compliments the other elements of your home and garden perfectly.

Flagstone's natural colour draws in the eyes and provides focus and visual clarity to your surrounding garden areas. These bold and jagged stones can be laid to look uniform or their natural shape and unique sizes and be showcased to highlight the organic beauty these rocks inherently hold. Contact ENL Masonry today and lets us help you create the flagstone patio of your dreams. 


Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel and crushed stone that is mixed with Portland cement and water and is a very versatile product that can be molded and cast into almost any size, shape and color.

Due to the variety of forms and finishes now possible with concrete there is a broad range of projects that can be created from concrete including foundations, walls patios, floors, paths, bridges, skate parks, countertops, sinks and outdoor sculpture. Concrete is often the choice of architects for grand scale cutting edge buildings and structures because of its strength, flexibility of use for various designs, and its moderate cost compared to other building materials.


All chimneys need repair sometime during their lifetime. A chimney deteriorated by constant exposure to the weather can be a potential safety hazard. Weather-damaged lining systems, flue obstructions, and loose masonry materials all present a threat to residents. Regular chimney maintenance is essential to prevent damage, deterioration, and high-cost chimney repairs

Block Work

By understanding the look, feel and design of your home's exterior and outdoor space, we are able to work with you to create the perfect block installation. From color and texture to size and pattern layout, we organize all of the visual elements together to provide you with the most stylized, elegant and high quality block work possible.

Contact us today and let us help you create a unique and personal design vision for your home.

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